Water jet Operator

• To operate machines like water-jet, laser, CNC, router
• Responsible for all work in the workshop related water jet
• Managing the machine maintenance Co-ordinate with Cutting In-charge for new job / pending job, if any.
• Collect cutting file from Cutting In-charge, make necessary changes in corel draw, if any
• Make CNC waterjet / CNC Router /CNC Laser program by choosing the proper settings to fabricate products with appropriate material as described in cutting program
• Load the program in CNC waterjet / CNC Router /CNC Laser machine with help of pen drive.
• Perform and record maintenance issues on the machine, if any.
• Load and unload material of clients, store it in designated / specific areas
• Store the material in designated areas once material get cut
• Utilize appropriate material fit to size
• Return unused material to client if they need or store in designated area for future use
• Fill the water for waterjet machine and also arrange water for waterjet if there is no water in society
• Maintain clean work area, wash Water jet periodically
• Clean and sweep work area

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