1. Prepare challan as per work order/ purchase order or specification given by concern person

2. Issue invoices to Clients as per work order and challan (along with necessary Documents, challan and statutory document).
3. Ensure Timely Submission Of Invoices And Collection Of Open Receivable
4. Bank Reconciliation Daily
5. Maintain bank balance ( axis bank /Sbi Bank) and arrange cash for daily expense
6. Maintain Bank /Expense file with their bills
7. Update Sales files with issued invoices
8. Enter Sales bill in tally with all their contact, address details GST tin No etc
9. Enter purchase bill after verifying company name, Gstin no, HSN code and rate with purchase manager
10. Distributing cash as per staff requirement for material, travelling , conveyance, Transport etc
11. Maintain Petty Cash Book
12. Entry Cash Expence in tally
13. Verifying voucher against expense given to staff
14. Verify Gstin no and finalise Invoice at the time GST payment
15. Preparing cheques against purchase bill
16. Preparing summary of advance payment received against work order/purchase order for GST summary
17. Update Pass book of Director Personal Account ( mention all details chq issued against or deposited or received any NEFT/RTGS with director)
18. Reconcile sundry creditor and prepare summary to issue cheque against purchase bill
19. Reconcile sundry debtor and verify with client ledger ( after verification follow up for retention amount by providing necessary document if any)
20. Monthly Reviews Bank Accounts, Checks Balances against Ledger Amounts And Verifies That The Amounts Match With The Financial Statement Like Asset, Liability, Expenses And Revenues
21. Monitor Cash To Avoid Unnecessary Expenses
22. Handle Audit Queries Of Internal And External Auditors
23. Prepare necessary document ( as per requirement for loan, FD BG)
24. Prepare sales and Purchase summary with all party wise details like item description, HSN Code, GST Rate and Amount.
25. Make online payment of electricity, mtnl, mobile bill through cheque or online ( Company expense)
26. Make online payment of sbi credit card/electricity (tata power and torrent)/ Policy / mobile expense/ as per due date ( Director Expense)